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Wedding, and engagement.


I love doing wedding, and engagement photography. I love the beautiful bright colors of flowers, and the wedding dress, the excitement of love in the air, and the closeness of friends and family. This makes me excited for you, just typing the words ! contact me today, and schedule/book your wedding, and engagement date !
Portrait, head shots, and couples.


I love meeting new people and sharing ideas about what type of picture you need captured, and preserved in time. Head shots are perfect for business, personal, or online social networking sites, Portrait photos are still worth their weight in gold to parents, grandparents, children, or a significant other. Couples photos are still as lovely as always "probably my favorite" along with family photos, children are so fun and unpredictable.
Graduation photos

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Graduation is an exciting time in life, turning a new page and beginning an adventure, I would love nothing more than to capture and preserve the photos of your new adventure ! Graduation photos consist of high school graduation photos, college photos, or university photos. Graduation photos can be taken on campus, or any place you feel will make great grad photos, changes in outfits may be scheduled into the photo shoot.  Call me today, and book your photos now !


Wedding photos

We love doing weddings, these are special times for you, and yours ! your special day requires attention to details, and I plan to capture each and every one of those special moments. Give me a call I'm excited to be the photographer to capture all these special moments for you, and yours.

Wedding details

The details, I feel the details are just as important as you do, and any details you feel need to be captured, I will capture. The wedding rings, the wedding dress, and most importantly family.

Portrait photos

Portraits can be done in natural light on location, or at a venue on location with natural light, or flash. I feel natural in nature always makes for the best portraits. Portrait photos include but not limited to head shots, family shoots, or couples photos.


I love taking Graduation photos, graduation photos can be taken in cap and gown, dress clothing, or normal every day school clothing, changes in clothing can be schedualed into the photo shoot. Graduation photography includes, high school graduation photos, college grad photos, or university graduation photos. Schedule me to capture this new chapter in life.

About me

Greetings, I am David Barnard a freelance and lifestyle photographer. I love doing lifestyle photography in Wichita Falls, Texas and the surrounding area. I love it all from wedding and engagement photography, to headshots they all make my heart happy. My heart flutters thinking of all the love in the air when it comes to couples photos and the blessing of children's photos. Nothing is more satisfying and challenging than that of pet photos "fur babies" they are both cute and funny, often times I have laughed so hard from an excited puppy urinating on the owners shoes that I can't even see to shoot the photos! I enjoy taking photos of live bands for The Hub of NTX "as a freelance" I also do freelance photography for nonprofit organizations such as CASA, First Step, and MHMR. Because of the nature of the organizations "HIPAA" most of those photo shoots are not for public veiwing, however it is a passion of mine and I get plenty of gratitude knowing I have made someones day special to them. I would love to captue your memories and to meet you. Book your memories today!