Free custom made web Character's

We started creating free custom made characters in 2015, we can create just about any kind of free character you want, whether it be a female, male, or both, you can also have them made faceless, headless, short, tall or in any manner you would like it. We can even make characters made out of fruit, when we design custom made carton characters we take into account the looks and colors of your website, we want our custom made characters to blend into your website. We have made characters with thin short bodies with heads and eyes extremely large so let us know what type of character you want free and we will make it for you ! what are you waiting for let us design your free custom cartoon character now !

To get your free character use our contact page and let us know what you want.

Please do not hot link to our character, we will make or give you what you want, and we change the names weekly.


feed His sheep cartoon

Girl and boy cartoon

Girl mouth open cartoon Praising Jesus cartoon

Fluff Cartoons saying all free

cartoon character holding sign saying your words, and font cartoon character saying your textcartoon character with blank sign





Blue dress cartoon character character holding a top hatcartoon character holding sign fact Jesus loves youmale and female character get me free sign

cartoon Character female welcomespaceman cartoon characterpolice character.short girl red character