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We have been building and indexing Christian websites for Christian webmasters since 2002, we started with a other domain name but still hold the same high standards in indexing links to this very day. Furthermore it is our goal and intent to build the largest free Christian links resource on the web, 1 link at a time, all links are checked "by a person" and then determined whether or not they meet our Christian standards. All websites listed here will be of Christian content and Christian websites by Christian webmasters, so what are you waiting for add your URL or Christian website link now!

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This is not a FFA link site, we do however allow anyone with a website that is not offensive to others, apply.

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•1 we Do NOT allow porn links !
•2 we Do NOT allow racial or hate links !
•3 we Do NOT allow gambling links !
•4 we Do NOT allow tobacco or other harmful links !
•5 we DO  allow non-Christian websites with a "G" rating !
•6 we DO allow any site that is safe for a child to view.

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A Room For Jesus

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