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We offer a huge selection of irrigation and sprinkler system parts from all of the name brands in the irrigation industry. Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Toro, and many more in Wichita Falls, Texas and any other city or state can be found right here on our online Sprinkler System and Irrigation Parts Store, and if we don't list them let us know and we will find them.

Remember at David's sprinkler parts, and irrigation parts and supplies we offer a wide variety of repair parts, wholesale parts, and commercial or residential irrigation parts, you no longer have to pay retail prices on irrigation supplies parts, or sprinkler supplies and parts in Wichita County, you can buy sprinkler or Irrigation parts at wholesale prices and the best thing about it ... you can shop from the convenience of your home and parts will be shipped to your front door 24 hours 7 days a week with secure checkout..

We sell:

•Toro pop up heads, Rain bird pop up heads, and Hunter pop up heads and nozzles.
•Toro Rotor, Rain bird Rotor, or Hunter Rotors.
•Hunter timer or controllers, Toro timer or controllers, or Rain bird controller or Timers.
•Hunter valve, Toro valve, or Rain bird Valves.
•Netafim drip, or Rain bird drip tubing and accessories.
•Wiring, and double check Valves, DCVA, PVB, and RPZ Backflow devices.

Types of parts we sell:

Sprinkler parts - pop up heads - Sprinkler supplies - valve parts - Sprinkler supply - rotor heads - Irrigation parts - backflow devices - Irrigation supplies - drip - Irrigation supply - drip tubing - Irrigation repair parts - timers - Sprinkler repair parts - controllers - Irrigation repair supplies - wiring - Sprinkler repair supplies - Netafim - Irrigation repair Supply - Hunter - Sprinkler repair Supply - Toro - Irrigation Sprinkler Supply - Rain Bird - Irrigation sprinkler supplies - double checks - Sprinkler system supplies - risers - Irrigation system supplies - extension risers - lawn - Lawn sprinkler supplies - glue - Lawn irrigation supplies - primer - Lawn Sprinkler Supply - wire nuts - Lawn irrigation supply - and backflow protectors.

Service area:

Our repair service covers these Cities:  Wichita Falls Texas, Iowa Park Texas, Burkburnett Texas, Holliday Texas, Henrietta Texas, Dean Texas, Kamay Texas, Pleasant Valley Texas, Cashion Community Texas, Archer City Texas, Scotland Texas, Thornberry Texas, Lakeside City Texas and Petrolia Texas and 20 mile radius of Wichita Falls, and Wichita County,

Buy parts:

For the do-it-yourself friends we offer parts, you can buy these parts warranted by the manufacturer, and the distributor ... all parts will be of the same quality we use. We also have all the accessories for your irrigation and sprinkler needs. 

Note: If after purchasing any equipment you're not quite sure how to install it, you can give us a call and we will explain the best we can. It's free to talk.

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  Buy Irrigation Parts Now you can buy any and all know sprinkler, or irrigation parts, and have them shipped to your front door !

Pop up and Rotor heads

click on pats you want to buy-

 pack Hunter PGP sprinkler rotors

Hunter rotor heads

Toro Rotor

4 pack Rain Bird rotors

Rain Bird Rotor heads

Hunter 6" pop upsHunter pop up head


Toro 6" pop upsToro pop up head



5 pack Rainbird 4" pop-up heads

Rain Bird pop up heads

Controllers, and timers

Hunter pro-c indoor timer or controller

Hunter controller

Hunter 6 station outdoor sprinkler timer or controller

Hunter outdoor controller

 add 3 stations with this plug-in for the pro c

controller module

 Toro 6-Zone Indoor controller or Timer Toro controller and timer



 Rain Bird Indoor Timer or controller, 9-ZoneRain Bird controller or timer


Toro drip irrigation timer

Toro timer or controller for drip irrigation

Netafim drip irrigation and supply parts.

Netafim drip tubing 12" spacing .09 GPM

drip tubing Netafim

Netafim inline disc filter

disk filter for irrigation drip tubing

Netafim pressure regulatorpressure reducer for irrigation drip tubing




10 pack Netafim L's for drip tubing

ell fittings for drip tubing

10 pack Netafim T's for drip

netafim drip tubing t's

Netafim barb 10 pack

drip tubing barb for irrigation tubing

Drip staples

Drip tubing staples for drip irrigation.

Irrigation valves, and backflow devices.

Rainbird 1" in-line sprinkler valve

Rain Bird 1 inch valve for irrigation


Hunter 1" globe irrigation valve

Hunter valve for irrigation repairs


Toro 3/4 threaded valve w/ flow controlToro 3/4" valve for sprinkler repair



Watts 1 inch Double Check Valve "DCA"

backflow protector double check valve




PVB pressure vacume breaker valve for sprinkler repair.


Watts 3/4" Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly "RPZ"

RPZ reduced pressure zone breaker valve for high irrigation hazards